How 7-Eleven hot dogs saved my life.

Hello fellow readers!

It’s the first day of autumn! Yay!

So, I’m sitting at my desk and my stomach starts to growl as its around lunchtime. I didn’t pack a lunch this time so I decided to head down to the local gas station down the street from my job to grab some food.

As I get to the gas station, there’s a hot dog machine near the door. I say why not? Who doesn’t like a good hot dog! While I’m assembling my hot dog, waves of flashbacks starts to hit me about hot dogs…

Lets go back 12-13 years ago..

I am sitting in my room scared, as my father is being hospitalized due to his severe alcoholism. My grandmother is down with my aunt as well to care for my father at the hospital. They see how battered and unhealthy I look and they want to bring me back to my original hometown. Problem is I didn’t want to go there, so, I called my mother to see if she can get me.

It’s 9 pm on a school-night and I’m sitting on my bed holding the home phone. I contemplate to call my mother as our relationship wasn’t great. Out of a whim I called her and let her know what was going on and I break down because of the hell my father just put me through. She tells me she will come up to get me and to pack some things. I gathered whatever manageable clothes I had and waited. 4 hours later mother and her roommate that drove grabbed me and we left.

The ride back to my mothers place was a blur, all I remembered was feelings of anxiety and fear. I just abandoned everything and didn’t tell anyone.

We finally get back to my mothers house and its late at this point, like 1 am. I finally settle into the empty room she had and make it my room. I lay in bed while staring at the wall and now I’m scared because I have to start a new school and make new friends. Couple days roll by and she enrolls me into the closest high school. The bus stop is right down the street at the 7-eleven.

Something about going into the 7-eleven was my favorite part of the day. I started my day there before school and went there as well when I got off the bus. I met my best friend on the bus and actually lived down the street where I was too. We both went to 7-eleven almost every single day before and after school. Our favorite thing to get there was the hot dogs. It was 2 for $2 and unlimited toppings, so, we would load up our hot dogs!

As my high school years roll on, I started to completely change into a better person. I went from anti-social and being scared all the time to being happy and loving life. Days went by and so did the hot-dogs.

It wasn’t until after I graduated things started to change.

I graduated high school and as an 18 year old, I had no idea what to do with my life. My mother was heavily drinking and passing out on the couch constantly and was unemployed for several years. She rarely showed me how to do basic things such as cook, clean, or do laundry. I taught myself as much as I could but cooking wasn’t one. We rarely had money and the only money I had was when I was working at Harris Teeter, a grocery store right down the block from my house. My mother forced me to pay rent and told me how good I had it. I couldn’t afford groceries and I wasn’t going to steal from my job. 7- Eleven hot dogs became something I enjoyed to a necessity in order to survive. I didn’t have much cash on me after giving my mother “rent” but only a couple of bucks which I spent on $20 weed(It was my escape from my mother) and hot dogs. I became severely malnourished because I was burning calories faster than I was consuming. Skating and surfing was my passion at the time and I did it everyday.

Things got worse at my house and my mother got worse as well.  7- eleven hot dogs became a meal everyday as I didn’t know how to cook and was scared I would burn my food if I tried. I got so sick of hot dogs and once in awhile I would get the taqitos to switch it up but I hated them.

Eventually, things turned for the worse and my mother and I got into a huge argument which she tried to fist fight me outside. I blocked all her shots and told her to go away. I ran away towards my bests friends home which right next to, you guessed it, 7-eleven. I stayed at his house for a few days and my mother called my father to come grab me so I” can live with him. He had been clean and sober for awhile since I initially left to move with my mother. He comes up and grabs me to leave, I put all my stuff in a trash bag and we had off.

As we pass the 7-eleven for one final time, I give it a thanks for supplying me with those damn cheap hot dogs.

The hot dogs that saved my life.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂



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