The Positive Challenge

Hello everyone,

Its Monday,(Boooooo!) hoping everyone had a fantastic weekend. I had a pretty good one myself! Just saw the new movie It, was really good and scary! I love the rush when I watch those types of movies. Highly recommend you all to see it!

Anyways, something I wanted to talk about and have a lot of people ask me is how I maintain to stay positive no matter what circumstance is thrown my way. Even being in the helping profession (which is very stressful), I stay positive! This is not something easy to do and takes a good amount of discipline to do so. Also, its not guaranteed most of the time because every once in a blue moon I still can get upset (I’m still human).

Positivty is one of the few things a lot of folks wish they can do on a regular basis but can be impossible for them. Sometimes, it’s because of the way they were brought up and other times it can be about their personality type. Lets face it, being a human on this planet is a hard task and some of us have it harder than others. Although, being positive can help overcome these stressful and overwhelming thoughts. As I’ve noticed when we get too stressed out, our brain kicks into high gear and basic functionality is diminished.  This is how being positive can be a huge asset because it helps you see the problem and fix it while maintaining good attitude about it. Now, you’re wondering how do I do it?

For this challenge we need to condition our brains into positive thinking. It’s very easy to see negativity first rather than positivity. Think about it, some of us get behind on bills which leads to being overwhelmed and stressed. Also, it could lead to bad or self-destructive behavior because coping with stress is hard as well. Again, this is where positivity comes into play because we can take steps when approaching a problem with a positive attitude before it can lead to harm to us or others we care about.

There is one way I will tell you about and it’s very easy to do so.

We need to have a journal or even a piece of paper to do this activity. Take some time before you go to bed, maybe 30-45 minutes. All electronic devices need to be off as well. Write 3 things that something good happened that day. It can be something small or big.

For example,

  1. Today my boss smiled at me and it made my day.
  2. Someone complimented my appearance and I felt more confident.
  3. My children didn’t fight each other at dinner and we got along as family.

As you do this more and more each day, its going to be easier to see the better side of things. It will be a little difficult in the beginning because tracing back a whole day is not a easy task but, eventually it will become second nature.

I would encourage you to do this until you can start thinking about the good things that happen everyday like second nature. This could take awhile to get use to and a decent amount of discipline as well.

Happy Monday!

: )



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